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Rent Furniture For A Wedding

Renting wedding furniture seems like a simple task, but can be very overwhelming. There are several factors to consider from the price or renting everything to the number of chairs required and more. Everyone wants their wedding to be absolutely perfect, so it’s important to get every single aspect of the wedding’s furniture and decorations taken care of.

Important Wedding Furniture To Rent

  • Chairs and Tables
  • Linens
  • Detailing

Chairs and Tables

Without chairs and tables, there’s a large chance that wedding guests aren’t going to be happy with the bride and groom. There should be enough chairs and tables for guests between the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. It’s very important to know how many you need for each part of the wedding. During the actual ceremony, there isn’t a need for tables, but there should be a chair for every single guest, as well as an extra five to ten chairs as a precautionary measure. For the cocktail hour, most people will be standing. That being said, it’s important to have a few tables and chairs available for the elderly and people not interested in mingling. At the reception, there should be an equal number of tables and chairs to the original number of guests invited. Additional tables are typically required for the bar, DJ, and cake as well.


Linens are an extremely important piece of wedding furniture to rent alongside the tables and chairs. Tables and chairs will typically come undressed and most likely won’t fit within the wedding aesthetic a couple is going for. Thus, applying linens to all the tables and chairs can certainly take the reception and ceremony to another level. Fresh, clean, pearly white linens draped upon every table will provide that true wedding feeling everyone desires.

Detailing and Decorations

The final touches of detailing and decorations can be the difference between a regular wedding and one of a fairy tale. Gorgeous centerpieces among the tables draw the attention of every passerby, while guests admire the gorgeous dance floor. An outdoor tent for the cocktail hour can keep guests cool and comfortable while they hide from the hot sun. Gorgeous glassware and dinnerware can steal the show and blow wedding guests away from the moment they sit down.

Renting wedding furniture can seem overwhelming, but with All Around Fun, it can be an absolute breeze. All Around Fun offers the very best wedding furniture rentals at unbelievable prices. Contact All Around Fun to learn more about their wide range of products by calling (561) 737-8199 today!

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