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Tips for Staying Safe When Hosting an Outdoor Kids Party in Florida

Birthday parties are welcome and fun occasions for children across ages. They play a significant role in strengthening friendships and creating lifetime memories. But, when hosting a birthday party for your kid in Florida, you should employ safety precautions. This should also apply to the South Florida party rentals you obtain as some, such as tents, can malfunction and harm the children.

The following birthday party hosting tips are essential for your kid’s party.

1. Walkthrough the party location before the party date

Bear in mind that daily items can pose a danger at a kid’s birthday party. For example, if you have a swimming pool, prevent pool injuries and drowning by ensuring the pool area has a tall fence and a self-locking gate. Ensure that any toxic materials or flammable products are locked away in cupboards out of children’s reach. When the party is happening, some children may wander off, so you should ensure that any harmful substance is beyond the reach of children. Ensure that all South Florida party rentals are child friendly.

2. Use decorations with caution

Birthday candles should be restricted to the cake and immediately removed when they are no longer useful. If your South Florida party rentals company supplied helium balloons, ensure they are located near the ceiling, away from children’s reach. Also, be cautious with birthday gift packaging materials, as some contain plastic that can put the children at the risk of asphyxiation.

3. Minimize the risk of foodborne disease

Ensure that you serve cold food cold and hot food hot. The food should be kept rotating and stored appropriately. Do not leave food out for prolonged periods, as meals and snacks can collect bacteria. It is healthier to serve smaller food portions regularly instead of having a large buffet out for hours.

When serving the food, serve in separate containers; children should not eat from one commonplace. You can place salads and sandwiches in a waffle cone or jar, which will allow the kids to get their snacks with minimal contact and keeps food contained. You can ask your South Florida party rentals person for ideas on kid-friendly or themed food containers.

If the party is within your compound, contact the parents of the invited kids to establish if any of them has serious food allergies. If one child is allergic to a particular food item, it would be better to prepare the party menu while avoiding the specific food to avert any probable allergic reactions.

4. Supervision

During your kid’s outdoor party, make sure you’ve assigned several adults to supervise the kids. You can achieve this by asking some parents to accompany their kids to the party.

5. Provide masks and hand sanitizer

If your outdoor space is small, such as your backyard, the kids can wear face masks. Inform them in advance and ask them to carry their masks, but have some if anyone forgets. You can organize with your South Florida party rentals person to find themed masks for you to make the event more fun.

Seeing that the pandemic is still here, you should have hand sanitizers strategically placed throughout the venue. Make the hand cleaning process fun and make them sanitize as they sing the happy birthday song.

6. Limit the number of attendees

Keep the number of kids attending the party as low as possible. It is easier to feed and control a smaller crowd, especially outdoors. Also, it becomes easier to account for every child in case of an emergency. Bear this in mind while getting your South Florida party rentals, do not get South Florida party rentals that are larger than your crowd.

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