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Inflatable Party Rental FAQ’s

Renting a bounce house is one of the best ways to bring excitement to a party in Boynton Beach. They are loved by kids (and adults) of all ages and provide countless hours of fun. The options are endless with an inflatable party rental. They are available in a variety of colors and themes. For first-time bounce house renters, there might be specific questions that need to be answered before renting inflatable party rental equipment. Here are frequently asked questions about bounce house rentals in Boynton Beach.

Are Bounce Houses Safe?

Bounce houses are absolutely safe. They are constructed with high-quality materials and with safety in mind. The bounce house rentals feature a ramp for easy access to the entrance and exit. The ramp is made of a non-toxic durable vinyl mesh which is safe and enjoyable for children. The inflatable bounce house adheres to safety rules and guidelines of the rental contract.

Where Can A Bounce House Be Set Up?

Bounce houses ideally need to be set up on a flat grassy surface. Rocks, stones, and sharp edges must be cleared out before placing a bounce house on a surface. They can also be set up on cement and in large indoor areas.

What Kind of Space is Needed to Set Up a Bounce House?

This depends on the type of bounce house that is rented. There are different types of inflatable party rentals, so the sizes will vary. Generally speaking, bounce house units range from 13 x 13 to 40 x 40. They will need about a 3-foot buffer zone around the bounce house for set up.

Are Bounce Houses Deliverable?

Yes, bounce houses that are rented through All Around Fun can be delivered to areas in Palm Beach County including Boynton Beach, Wellington, and Lake Clarke Shores. The bounce house rentals are also set up and delivered at the day and time specified. Delivery charges are included in the price of the bounce house rental.

How Does a Bounce House Stay Inflated?

All bounce houses are inflated by an enclosed blower motor. The motor is designed to have no exposed moving parts. The bounce house must be within a 100 feet of a 110-volt electrical outlet. If there is not an electrical outlet nearby, a generator will be needed to inflate the bounce house.

When Should a Reservation Be Placed?

The sooner the better when it comes to reserving an inflatable party rental. This ensures that the bounce house will be ready for the event or party.

All Around Fun is South Florida’s premier inflatable party rental company. We have a large variety of bounce houses and inflatable party equipment for rent. Our bounce house selection is available in a number of themes, colors and it’s perfect for any party. Call us today to reserve a bounce house in Boynton Beach at 561-737-8199.

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