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Bounce House Safety Tips

Nothing says summer fun like an inflatable party. Bounce houses, inflatable waterslides, and obstacle courses take your backyard parties from okay to off-the-hook. But nothing ends a party faster than a careless injury so it’s important to exercise safety precautions when you choose to add a bounce house or inflatable waterslide to your end of summer parties.

Here are some important bounce house safety tips to follow to make sure an accident doesn’t stop your party short:

Bounce House Safety Tips


Pay attention to the guidelines for safe installation. An improperly secured or anchored inflatable can be dangerous.

Have Supervision at All Times

Responsible adult supervision must be maintained at all times. Inflatables should not be used as a babysitter so parents can relax. Adults should closely monitor children using the bounce houses and waterslides, and if they are unable to monitor, the equipment should be deflated.

Follow Weight Limits

Children and/or adults who exceed the height/weight limit of the inflatable should not use it.

Maximum Number of Children

Do not exceed the maximum number of children allowed into the bounce house at the same time, and only allow children of similar age and size to jump together. Smaller children jumping with bigger children can result in an accidental injury. Consider renting multiple age-appropriate bounce houses if you have lots of children of varying ages.

Remove All Accessories

Make sure children remove footwear, jewelry, eyeglasses, hair clips, earrings, belts, watches and any other object that can result in a puncture before entering. Proper socks (with grips or treads on the bottom to prevent slipping) are recommended.

Lay Down the Rules

Advise children to bounce and slide properly. Remain on their feet and slide feet first. And explain other rules to the children beforehand, and make sure that children know that if they do not follow the rules, they’ll be removed from the bounce house.

No Stunts

Avoid flips and other acrobatics that can result in accidental injuries. In fact, most head and neck injuries that happen in bounce houses are caused by accidents occurring due to acrobatics.


Check the weather before you plan to use inflatables for your backyard party. Do not use bounce houses or inflatable water slides in high winds. Strong winds can blow inflatables away, so if the wind gets to 20-25 miles per hour, you should deflate the bounce house.

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